What is the value?

Organizations spend large amounts of money for specialized talent and experience from the outside. Yet were management able to efficiently target, uncover and unleash hidden knowledge inside their organization to solve critical business issues, imagine how much more money would fall to the bottom line.

The premise of im21 is that the knowledge your organization needs to succeed rests with your people and the networks they are part of. Our integrated approach:

  • identifies the informal networks of knowledgeable employees and other stakeholders
  • designs collaborative processes through which these people can quickly exchange ideas and share information on solutions you can act on immediately
  • establishes meaningful metrics to measure the effects of inclusive collaboration and communication

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Recent News

  • im21 Designs First Universal Transfer Protocol (UTP) commissioned by the state of Vermont.

    Terrence O’Malley M.D. collaborates with im21.

    UTP moves beyond traditional "transfer forms" to improve care, and reduce costs by including patients, families and caregivers, to share critical information with providers and agencies when it is needed. Learn more >>

  • Introducing In Sickness As In Health, just released and co-authored by IM21 partner, Barbara Kivowitz.

  • Sal Rasa co-authors chapter "Challenging Assumptions" for IGI Book, Social Knowledge: Using Social Media to Know What You Know

  • im21 works with State agency on their response to The Affordable Health Care Act. Strategic communication, systems change, and collaboration to humanize technology.

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